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Der Neo-Anarchist Podcast: A Shadowrun History ist ein Ingame-Podcast, der die Geschichte der Sechsten Welt vorrangig aus der Perspektive des Neo-Anarchisten Opti erzählt.



Episode Datum Titel Länge Beschreibung Link
63 Nov 10th 201 2065: The relatively boring year [1]


Datum Titel Länge Beschreibung Link
2016-02-07 Hellhound Holdup: Info and a Job 3m53s This one is gonna give you the lowdown on Bellvue's [sic] most notorious go-gang, the 405 Hellhounds. Learn what you can, I have a job for ya. [2] [3]
2016-03-22 Info and a Job: First Nations Appropriations 8m30s Info and a Job: First Nations Appropriations: Here is the lowdown on the little Seattle gang that could. They aren't so little anymore. Now they are kindof a pain in the hoop. That's perhaps why I have a job for you that deals with these guys. But first, all you need to know about the all-Amarind gang. [4] [5]
2016-09-01 Aztechnology Corporation Special 47m 59s Aztechnology Corporation Special: This episode blows the secrets off of the roof! All the info you need on Aztechnology, including their deep dark secrets! [6] [7]
2016-12-07 Info and a Job: Star Black Star Bright 11m 17s Info and a Job: Star Black Star Bright: This job concerns the shiniest star in the 6th world, the Anarchist Black Star. Get up to speed on the Black Star's history, then take a job and get paid. And maybe there is a little something extra for those inclined. [8] [9]
2017-09-08 Info and a Job: CapBNimble 7m 58s Info And A Job: CapBNimble: This is a personal job, crows, as many of mine are. But it is also outrageous, nearly impossible, and likely insane, with too many moving parts and too many variables, including larger than life matrix personalities. So take this one only if you go big or go home. Take this only if you always take big jobs and somehow manage to come out on top. Take this one only if you care about me not geeking you if you mess it up. [10] [11]