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© AWOL Productions of Columbia
Verlag: AWOL Productions, Columbia
Nummer: Volume 1, Issue 2
Edition: 2
Erschienen: 1. Quartal 1994
Sprache: englisch
Format: Print
Einband: Magazin (Format: US-Letter)
Seitenanzahl: 52
Preis: $ 6,00


  • AWOL President and Publisher: James D. Long
  • AWOL Administrative Coordinator: Rodnay Knox
  • AWOL Office Manager: Jane Foster
  • AWOL Membership & Convention Coordinator: Kimberly Knox
  • AWOL Dude: Jeff Schroeder

Magazine Staff:

  • Senior Editor: Jim Long
  • Editor und Entwicklung: Rodney Knox
  • Autoren: Rodney Knox, Jim Long, Kimberly Knox, Terry Elder
    • Corporate Shadow Files, Turring's Guide to Organizations: Stephen Kenson
    • If as beast you don't succeed: Michael A. Stackpole
    • Patterson's Guide to Paranormal Animals, Shadows: Sean Parrack
    • New Gear: Teras Cassady, Michael Morris
    • There are Shadowruns and then there is...): Chris Hussey
    • Shadows: JB Buchanan
  • Cover Art: Eric VonHaas
  • Innenillustrationen: Sean Parrack, Dan Smith, Kimberly Knox, Corey Gulley
  • Layout: The Tribune Publishing Company


KA•GE - A survival guide to an impolite society, Spring 2055.


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