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Want a little edge in that street fight? A little flash? A little chrome in street-light to make the punks think twice? Then take a look inside these pages. Cybertechnology tells you everything you want to know about the latest, wizzest, and handiest cyberware. Learn what works and why. From cybereye laser sights to move-by-wire systems that can make you the fastet and deadliest thing on two feet, Cybertechnology has it all.

And then there's cybermancy, for the hard-core street samurai. Cybermancy gives you edge in spaded... if you can pay the price. How much cyberware can a body take before it's no longer human? Cybermancy pushes that limit beyond your wildest dreams. This combination of state-of-the-art magic and technology can make you a virtually unstoppable cyborg, more metal than flesh. Of course, there are a few side effects...

The Cybertechnology sourcebook describes new cyberware, accessories, and enhancements, and offers optional and expanded rules for dealing with cyberware in all types of situations. The book also contains complete cybermancy rules and new archetypes, including cyborgs.