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Autoren Robert Boyle, Martin Gotthard, Eleanor Holmes, Michael Mulvihill, Sebastian Wiers

Cover Layout Fred Hooper

Art Direction James Nelson

Assistant Art Director Fred Hooper

Illustrationen Janet Aulisio-Dannheiser, Thomas Baxa, Paul Bonner, Tom Fowler, Fred Hooper, David Harold Martin, Kevin McCann, James Nelson, Steve Prescott, Marc Sasso, Ron Spencer, Shane White, Matthew Wilson

Cover Art Marc Sasso

Back Cover Art Paul Bonner, James Nelson, Marc Sasso, Matthew Wilson

  • Entwicklung: Michael Mulvihill & Robert Boyle
  • Redaktion: Jean Rabe, Robert Boyle, Sharon Turner Mulvihill & Paolo Marcucci
  • Shadowrun Line Developer: Michael Mulvihill
  • Produktion:
    • Editorial Director: Donna Ippolito
    • Managing Editor: Sharon Turner Mulvihill
    • Associate Editor: Robert Boyle
    • Assistant Editor: Davidson Cole
  • Künstlerisches Personal:
    • Layout: Fred Hooper & Jim Nelson
  • Spieletester: Robert Barker, Michael S. Bobroff, Duane Brickler, Perry Fawcett, Patrick Goodman, Jeremy Guillemette, J. Keith Henry (to whom I owe a personal thanks for writing one heck of a paragraph that put many things into perspective for me), John Hollar, Joanna Hurley, Jeff Jones, Steve Kenson, Gregory B. Lusby, Paolo Marcucci, Rich Osterhout, John Reid, Brent Smith, Jon Szeto, Myron Thompson, ames Vaughan; The Whatevers (Edie Bell, Robert Boyle, Berianne Bramman, Tim Curtin, Anara Gesserit, William Gold, Chris Shaffer, Jeff Smith, Sebastien Wiers); and, of course, The Mysterious Dvixen.
  • Dank: "This book is dedicated to a guy who has helped me since the very first stages of SR3 were barely conceived. He has worked in some way on every Shadowrun product for more than a year, and each time I forget to credit or thank him. It's ironic that I would choose to dedicate this book to him, because he never plays characters with cyberware (he prefers magic)—and yet I did so because I think it will mean that much more. Heck, he compiled all the equipment tables for this book! So, thank you, Flake, for helping out and not complaining too much when I forgot that you did!"