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Shadowrun Missions ist eine offizielle Kampagne von FanPro LLC für die Dritte Edition von Shadowrun. Die Kampagne ist abgeschlossen.



Nummer Abenteuer Beschreibung Credits Link
SRM0-01 Missions Briefing Your chance at the big time - a friend has tipped you off about a job opportunity to do some bodyguard work for a group of exclusive clientele. You have been trying to break into the Seattle shadow scene, and these are just the kind of people that can help. All you have to do is make sure that their meeting doesn't get interrupted. It's a simple walk in the park, natch! Link
SRM0-02 Demolition Run Sometimes drek just needs to get blown up. And when it does, you're the folks that they call to do it. It's all in the job description, chummer. Link
SRM0-03 FORCEd RECON The ancient ninjas were more than assassins; they were also experts in spying and intelligence gathering. A new research facility has just been built, and someone wants to get as much paydata on their operations in case future incursions are necessary. Become the modern ninja and name your pay! Link
SRM0-04 A Fork in Fate's Path A runner's gotta do what a runner has to do. Or does he? For once, you get a choice of two different runs. Time limits your choice to one or the other, but not both. But remember chummer that looks can be deceiving, and that all that glitters is not gold - like the hyper velocity gel round of an angry Lone Star Cop, just as an example... Link
SRM0-05 Dark and Stormy Night It was a dark and stormy night - traveling near Glow City in the Redmond Barrens during a hail storm is not your idea of a good time, especially when things go bump in the night! Link


Nummer Abenteuer Beschreibung Credits Link
SRM1-01 Double Cross Mr. Johnson has some serious personal problems with a certain corporate executive. He would like for you to help in reducing these problems - permanently... Link
SRM1-02 Strings Attached You're hired to extract some VIPs from a secure facility and then destroy any evidence or witnesses that you were there. Of course, there are strings attached: the VIPs are not very cooperative and must be unharmed. You always did enjoy a challenge! Link
SRM1-03 Harvest Time The members of an urban tribe are brutally murdered and left for dead. Who could do such a thing? Vampires, ghouls, gangs, or just some crazed lunatic? Nope, a greedy corporation that needs fresh organs! Help recover the evidence before it is destroyed and stop them! Link
SRM1-04 The Gambler An opportunity for a payday! Your fixer lets you know that a client is looking for a datasteal in a previously scouted location. Get in, get the paydata, and get out, all without leaving a trace or a trail of destruction. Know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. Link
SRM1-05 A Walk in the Park Will you do anything for money? How about escort a group of wealthy clients for a day? Is it just a walk in the park, or something more? Link
SRM1-06 Lost and Found It's a simple job. Something was stolen and someone wants it back. How complicated could it be? Link
SRM1-07 Keys to the Asylum What happens when a corporation grows too fast? Sooner or later, someone is going to make a mistake, someone will have to pay the cost, and someone will have to clean up the mess. Who is really holding the keys to the asylum? Link
SRM1-08 Duplicity Griffin Biotechnology has been a revolving door for shadowrunners. Runners from all over the sprawl have had at least one opportunity to scout the place or sneak a peek at what's going on inside. Word is that "the big one" has hit the streets - big nuyen to steal one of Griffin's hottest prototypes. Will Knight Errant be able to keep out this latest attack against the Everett based firm? Link
SRM1-09 For Whom the Bell Tolls In the corporate world, fights are not only in boardrooms, but in the streets. What if the future of an entire company were held in the hands of a team of shadowrunners? Link