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10g 10 Gangs
10jp 10 Jackpointers
10m 10 Mercs
10t Ten Terrorists
30n 30 Nights
99b 99 Bottles
aeth Aetherology
akg A Killing Glare
ap The Assassin's Primer
arn Another Rainy Night
ars Arsenal
att Attitude
au Artifacts Unbound
aug Augmentation
awk Awakenings: New Magic in 2057
azt Aztlan
b&b Bullets & Bandages
bb Bloody Business
bb1 Damage Control
bb2 Sacrificial Limb
bb3 Battle of Manhattan
bc Bug City
bd Bottled Demon
bitb Blood in the Boardroom
bm Boundless Mercy
bmr Bad Moon Rising in the East
botl Book of the Lost
bs Brainscan
btb Better than Bad
ca Cutting Aces
cb Cutting Black
cc Cannon Companion
c&a Contacts & Adventures
cd Corporate Download
cdc Celtic Double-Cross
ce Corporate Enclaves
cf Chrome Flesh
cfs California Free State
cg Corporate Guide
chch Chicago Chaos
ci Corporate Intrigue
cn Collapsing Now
cod The Clutch of Dragons
cos Court of Shadows
coy Coyotes
cp Corporate Punishment
cp! Cyberpirates!
crit Critters
csf Corporate Shadowfiles
csh Corporate Security Handbook
ct Conspiracy Theories
ctech Cybertechnology
da Divided Assets
drkang Dark Angel
dc Dreamchipper
dcos Denver: The City of Shadows
de Double Exposure
dg Digital Grimoire
dh Dragon Hunt
dmz DMZ: Downtown Militarized Zone
dnadoa DNA/DOA
dota1 Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk
dota2 Dawn of the Artifacts: Midnight
dota3 Dawn of the Artifacts: Darkest Hour
dota4 Dawn of the Artifacts: New Dawn
dotsw Dragons of the Sixth World
dt Data Trails
drkterr Dark Terrors
dtricks Dirty Tricks
dw Deadly Waves
eb Elven Blood
ef Elven Fire
eme Emergence
ew Eye Witness
ewa Euro War Antiques
fa Forbidden Arcana
fc Feral Cities
ff Fields of Fire
fflag False Flag
fl Firing Line
fr First Run
fs Free Seattle
fsq Firing Squad
gc Ghost Cartels
gh Gun Heaven
gh2 Gun Heaven 2
gh3 Gun Heaven 3
gms Game Master's Screen
gms2 Game Master's Screen Second Edition
gms3 Game Master's Screen Third Edition
gms4 Game Master's Screen Fourth Edition
gms5 Game Master's Screen Fifth Edition
grim14 The Grimoire: 14th Edition, 2050
grim15 The Grimoire: 15th Edition, 2053
gsb Germany Sourcebook
h Harlequin
hb Harlequin's Back
ha1 A Fistful of Credsticks
ha2 Anarchy Subsidized
ha3 Colombian Subterfuge
hp Hazard Pay
hs Howling Shadows
ht Hard Targets
i&c Ivy & Chrome
imago Imago
js Jet Set
kc Kill Code
kk Krime Katalog
la Loose Alliances
ld Lockdown
lf London Falling
lethf Lethal Forces
lop The Land of Promise
ls Lone Star
lsb London Sourcebook
m2074 Montreal 2074
m&m Man & Machine: Cyberware
mat Matrix
merc Mercurial
mis Missions
mits Magic in the Shadows
mjlbb Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book
mp Market Panic
ms Magical Societies
mst MilSpecTech
mst2 MilSpecTech 2
mw! Mob War!
nagna The Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
nagrl The Neo-Anarchists' Guide to Real Life
nan1 Native American Nations Volume One
nan2 Native American Nations Volume Two
nas The Neo-Anarchist Streetpedia
nf No Future
np Nothing Personal
ns New Seattle
osb One Stage Before
otr On the Run
pae Paranormal Animals of Europe
pana Paranormal Animals of North America
pap Predator and Prey
pb Parabotany
pg Parageology
pl Paradise Lost
poad Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets
pp Power Plays
pr Prime Runners
pz Parazoology
pz2 Parazoology 2
qe Queen Euphoria
r&g Run & Gun
r2 Rigger 2
r3 Rigger 3
r5 Rigger 5.0
ra:m The Rotten Apple: Manhattan
ra:s Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
rbb Rigger Black Book
rc Runner's Companion
rf Run Faster
rh Runner Havens
rr Ripping Reality
runbb Runner's Black Book
runbb74 Runner's Black Book 2074
rtk Runner's Toolkit
rw Running Wild
s2072 Seattle 2072
ssbs Seattle Sprawl Box Set
ssbs:es Seattle Sprawl: Emerald Shadows
ssbs:rqc Seattle Sprawl: Ruling the Queen City
ssbs:tt Seattle Sprawl: Tangled Threads
sass Sail Away, Sweet Sister
sb Shadowbeat
sd&n Sim Dreams & Nightmares
se Serrated Edge‎
sf System Failure
sfront Storm Front
sg Street Grimoire
sgames Spy Games
sh Safehouses
sif:b Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow: Butte
sif:c Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow: Cheyenne
sif:cc Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation: Counting Coup
sif:cr Shadows in Focus: Casablanca-Rabat
sif:m Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow: Metrópole
sif:mo Shadows in Focus: Morocco
sif:sf Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow: San Francisco Metroplex
sif:sn Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation
sif:stm Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation: Starving the Masses
ss:ia Shadow Stock: Ingentis Athletes
sl Street Legends
sls Street Legends Supplemental
sleth Street Lethal
sm Street Magic
smap Sprawl Maps
soa Shadows of Asia
soe Shadows of Europe
sona Shadows of North America
sota63 State of the Art: 2063
sota64 State of the Art: 2064
sota73 State of the Art: 2073
sotf Survival of the Fittest
sotu Shadows of the Underworld
sr2050 Shadowrun 2050
sr Shadowrun
sr2 Shadowrun Second Edition
sr3 Shadowrun Third Edition
sr4 Shadowrun Fourth Edition
sr4a Shadowrun 20th Anniversary
sr5 Shadowrun Fifth Edition
sr6 Shadowrun Sixth World Edition
sr6bb Shadowrun: Sixth World Beginner Box
sra Shadowrun: Anarchy
sr3qsr Shadowrun Third Edition Quick Start Rules
sr4qsr Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules
sr5qsr Shadowrun Fifth Edition Quick-Start Rules
src Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows
srcrev Shadowrun Companion Revised
srcd Shadowrun Character Dossier
slip Slip Streams
ss Sprawl Sites
ssb Seattle Sourcebook
ssc Street Samurai Catalog
ssc2 Street Samurai Catalog Revised
ssg Sprawl Survival Guide
sshsll Sprawl Sites: High Society and Low Life
ssna Sprawl Sites: North America
ssouls Stolen Souls
sspells Shadow Spells
sstate Splintered State
stech Shadowtech
st! Super Tuesday!
sw Sprawl Wilds
swa Sixth World Almanac
swyrd Street Wyrd
t:al Target: Awakened Lands
t:m Target: Matrix
t:sh Target: Smuggler Havens
t:ucas Target: UCAS
t:wl Target: Wastelands
ta Toxic Alleys
tct The Complete Trog
te Total Eclipse
th The Twilight Horizon
thr Threats
thr2 Threats 2
tnn Tir Na nOg
tod This Old Drone
tt Tir Tairngire
tsg The Seattle Gambit
tvg The Vladivostok Gauntlet
ub The Universal Brotherhood
ucl Used Car Lot
unw Unwired
us Unfriendly Skies
usb Underworld Sourcebook
vice Vice
vr Virtual Realities
vr2 Virtual Realities 2.0
w&b Wolf & Buffalo
war! War!
wota The Way of the Adept
wots The Way of the Samurai
wotc Wake of the Comet
yotc Year of the Comet