Quelle, en: Shadowrun: Crossfire – Mission Expansion Pack 1: High Caliber Ops/Produktbeschreibung

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You're tougher. Meaner. Better equipped. You've taken on a drekload of challenges the Sixth World has thrown at you, and you've survived. Barely, sometimes, but that's enough. You're walking with a certain confidence, maybe even a little strut. You're ready for the next thing the streets are going to throw at you.

At least, you think you are. Now you're going to find out.

HIGH-CALIBER OPS is a massive expansion for the award-winning SHADOWRUN: CROSSFIRE cooperative deck-building game. How massive? How does two new character roles, more than a dozen new Black Market cards, fifty new obstacles, and a large bundle of new Karma upgrades sound? On top of that, we've got five brand-new missions, and a set of basic cards with new art. Taken together, you have the tools for high-powered, high-risk, high-reward shadowruns. Add HIGH-CALIBER OPS to your CROSSFIRE game to see just how much danger you can take on!

MISSION EXPANSION PACK 1: HIGH CALIBER OPS is an expansion for the game SHADOWRUN: CROSSFIRE – you need that game to be able to use it!