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Sly is a veteran. She's run more shadows than she cares to remember, and has the physical and emotional scars to prove it. But no matter how violent it became, it had always been business as usual. Until now.

Falcon is a kid. He thinks he hears the call of magic, and the voice of one of the Great Spirits seems to whisper in his ears. He's gone to Seattle, to the urban jungle, to seek his calling.

Thrown together, veteran and novice, Sly and Falcon find themselves embroiled in a deadly confrontation between the world's most powerful corporations. If this confrontation is not stopped, it could turn to all-out warfare, spilling out of the shadows and onto the streets themselves.


Data Can Make You Rich—Or Make You Dead

Ruthless mega-corporations operating above the law, an environment strained to the breaking point, and cities spilling over with populations they can’t control; life was hard in the 21st Century, but most figured it couldn’t get any worse—until magic returned to the world.

Cyberpunk meets magic in Shadowrun, where mercenary shadowrunners are the deniable assets of the rich and powerful. For the promise of a few nuyen, they face threats from corporate security mages to cybernetically enhanced street samurai. The risk is high, but the pay is good, and it’s better than life on the streets. No one wrote about Shadowrun like Nigel Findley, and Shadowplay is part of his considerable legacy.

Veteran shadowrunner Sly just needed one big score before she could retire. What she found was a piece of paydata so hot it could bring down the Corporate Court. With the help of Falcon, a street kid with a destiny, Sly has to avert a deadly corporate war—and avoid getting killed in the process.


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