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To Excess--that's how they say it on the streets, before it destroyed their minds.

Dirk Montgomery thinks he knows those streets. He's watched the change with the world, as the powers of magic grow and alter the balances of power. He thinks he understands even the deepest shadows and the darkest of hearts. He is wrong.

Now there's something out there beyond his understanding. Something foul and alien. Something that will consume even the most wary soul. Even Dirks.


In a Dark Future, the Ultimate Drug Emerges

Ruthless mega-corporations operating above the law, an environment strained to the breaking point, and cities spilling over with populations they can’t control; life was hard in the 21st Century, but most figured it couldn’t get any worse—until magic returned to the world.

Cyberpunk meets magic in Shadowrun, where mercenary shadowrunners are the deniable assets of the rich and powerful. For the promise of a few nuyen, they face threats from corporate security mages to cybernetically enhanced street samurai. The risk is high, but the pay is good, and it’s better than life on the streets. No one wrote about Shadowrun like Nigel Findley, and 2XS is the first novel he wrote for the setting.

Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Private Detective Dirk Montgomery knows the only way to clear his name is to uncover the truth. When the clues lead to an illegal simsense chip called 2XS and a mysterious organization called the Universal Brotherhood, Montgomery uncovers a web of deceit more dangerous than he ever imagined.