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if you look for something particular, have any questions or need help with translations, just ask. I know you are also interested in maps, so you could have a look at Shadowhelix:Karten, if you don't already know it, it's our mapping portal. You might also be interested in this little Javascript modification:

function googleTranslateTab() {
    addPortletLink('p-cactions', '' + wgPageName, 'Google Translate!', 'ca-last', 'Translation of the Page');

addOnloadHook( googleTranslateTab );

If you put this on your monobook.js: it should provide a Translate! tab, that will link to a Google Translate version of the page you are on. I don't know though, how helpful the result will be. Anyway you can give it a try, if you want.
--Loki 09:49, 17. Jul. 2011 (CEST)