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Lfd. Nummer: 26
Autor: Vorlage:Impressum
Sprache: englisch
Erstauflage: 1997
Verlag: Roc Books
ISBN-10: 0-451-45610-6
9. August 2057 - 16. August 2057
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Stranger Souls ist ein Shadowrun-Roman von Vorlage:Impressum.


Dunkelzahn the dragon's election as President of the United Canadian American States promised the dawn of a new era. But the hopes of a nation disintegrate with the powerful explosion that assassinates him. On that same fateful evening Dunkelzahn's most trusted special agent, Ryan Mercury, is on a secret mission of great urgency involving dangerous magic. And only a miracle can save the world from total destruction...

In this first book of the Dragon Heart Saga, Dunkelzahn's murder shocks the Awakened-world. Rumors and suspicions run rampant as shadowrunners, Secret Service agents, and megacorp execs scramble for the reins of power. Open these pages to see the story behind the great dragon's death and the beginning of a new adventure...