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Think corp security means a donut-snarfing security guard and a high fence? Think again, chummer! You want inside the corp enclaves, first get past the security wage mages, drek-hot deckers, and really big guys with really big guns ... plus a few hellhounds and watcher spirits just to keep you on your toes. The blackest ice, the toughest barriers, and the trickiest booby traps are just waiting for you to make one mistake ... your last! Want to survive your next run against the megacorps? Read this book and learn how they'll try to stop you. Once you know how the enemy thinks, you've won the first battle.

The CORPORATE SECURITY HANDBOOK describes in detail how corporations defend their facilities, valuable data, personnel, and nuyen. This sourcebook provides rules for setting up and getting around all kinds of security measures, including cutting-edge security systems never before seen in SHADOWRUN. Also included are new equipment, new contracts and archetypes, and guidelines for gamemasters on how to make a comprehensive corporate security system part of a SHADOWRUN adventure.